Marketing that Works

Attract new business online and with traditional marketing!

Today’s direct marketing is the sending of sales collateral to a list of specific people with the goal of eliciting a direct, immediate response. It includes direct mail, email and most advertising over the Internet, mobile and social media channels. (Yes, most online and mobile advertising is actually direct marketing and not advertising.)

At Venture and Grow, our strategy is ever evolving just as Digital Marketing is in a constant state of change, transformation and development. From marketing automation and demand generation to SEO, we see digital marketing as the fuel that drives the growth of businesses. To succeed at creating and integrating digital channel efforts and build campaigns around high impact channels while using creativity, data and insights to regularly optimize performance.

Our marketing goals are aimed at creating awareness for your business.

The fact is that your target audience needs your products and services. How can more people know about your services? We know that when your potential clients see captivating adverts on various mediums like the social media, magazines and the TV, they will be more likely to visit your website. On your website, visitors will be convinced that they will get customer satisfaction when they read the feedback posted by your satisfied clients. There will be a high conversion rate. This is what we come in for you.

Your target audience should constantly be reminded about the products and services. This is the role of an efficient marketing campaign. We will create and manage your company’s social media to ensure only the relevant and informative content is available to the target audience. It is an excellent idea to have a prominent presence on many social media and public forums. Our team of marketing strategists will ensure that your brand is well represented on the right public forums that attract a majority of your potential clients.

included with your subscription

  • Brand Building that results in high quality sales leads
  • Custom Email Campaigns
  • Online & “Inbound” Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Industry-Based Campaigns
  • Networking
  • Circle of Leverage
  • Recognized Authority
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Special Events and Promotions
  • Advertorials and News Stories
  • Data and Insights
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Search Marketing
  • Analytics

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