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Talk to us: (832) 992-9231
Open Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00
Talk to us: (832) 992-9231

Work for Venture and Grow

Consistent pay for Contract Professionals

Welcome to the Venture and Grow Professionals Team

Are you tired of feeling like you have to do everything all by yourself? In the world of Marketing services, attention and focus is the key. Here at Venture and Grow, we offer innovative marketing solutions for a diverse group of companies. We are here to make sure that you can focus on what it is that you do best, the rest of the team does the rest. You earn 100% of whatever price you set for yourself PLUS $200 per month per client you Champion for us. In other words, you get paid a residual for keeping clients happy, even if they no longer need the service you provided from day one, as long as you keep them happy with us.  You are allowed up to 100 clients (that’s $20,000 per month). 

Our Team
You are being added to a team of professionals who will assist in supporting you and you all will work together on future projects as they come in. There are eight positions on each team. Once the entire team is complete, then you will start to see projects come to you.

Standing out in the crowd is the key. 
Our contractors and associate business owners are professionals and talented at many different levels. We post your resume, companies you’ve worked for and/or samples of your work for incoming clients to view. When they decide to contact you, they most likely will reach out to you directly. 

Our strength is in the diverse background of the people. It Is this very diversity that will help you reach people you never imagined to reach and gain new business. 

You’re in good hands
At Venture and Grow, we are committed to making you our priority. It’s challenging to stand out from all the excess that surrounds everyone on a daily basis, win business and then do the work. What happens when business dries up? How to get through the slow seasons?

Teaming up with Venture and Grow is the answer. We are here to make sure that you continue to feel free without having to worry about the challenges of contract marketing work. 


Paying Your Taxes
1099 form
must be competed and sent to me before you can be paid. You will get a copy of this form in January of next year with all your pay detailed. You can download a free one here. (We recommend using an EIN if you have one).  This form is not due now, but when clients began to book your services.  You are a contractor, so you pay your own taxes.

Paying You
We pay with PayPal and Cash App. Please make sure we have your correct phone number on file. If your number changes or if you have a different number you’d like payments to be sent, please let me know to fix it so that we assure payment is routed to the proper destination.

Pay Schedule 
Paydays are once per month on the 15th of each month. On the payday, you will receive payment is for the work you’ve done from the previous month. (see chart below with sample work month in purple, processing in yellow and sample payday in green)