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Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Watch the Experts

Although there have been plenty of types of marketing over the last century, video marketing has been among the most popular. This type of marketing is everywhere in current culture, since people are so used to seeing video on television and the web. Despite how prevalent this kind of marketing is, it remains a powerful tool in the marketer’s toolkit.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a flexible approach to reaching your audience. Once recorded, your video can be used in multiple formats, allowing you to use it in presentations, on your website, or in commercials. Another example of video’s flexibility is in how it can be filmed. Video can consist of a direct presentation of your product or include complex graphics and visuals.

Video Marketing ROI

In a report released by HubSpot, marketers found that the use of video marketing is on the rise. Approximately 81% of businesses used video marketing tool, which represented an increase of 18% from 2017. Why was there a rise in video? Because people spend more time engaging with digital video than they do with social media advertisements. There’s a significant return on investment for video marketing because people are now spending more time watching digital video than ever before and are likely to spend more time with video than most other advertisement approaches.

How Video Marketing Influences Purchase Decision

Judging by the return on investment that video brings, it should be easy to see how this marketing approach impacts the decision to buy your product or service. When you use video, people are more likely to see your advertisement, stay engaged with it longer, and enjoy it. People are particularly fond of long form content that has an interesting angle or perspective. More than ever, people enjoy interesting and unique content.

Millennial Appeal of Video Marketing

Businesses hoping to attract buyers should also keep in mind that video marketing is a powerful tool among millennials. Millennials have more buying power than ever before. The younger end of the millennial generation, those ages 17 through 28, are also more likely to watch video on digital devices than ever before. Creating digital video can not only help appeal to millennials who currently have buying power but improve your brand on an age group that will have buying power in the future.

Branding with Video Marketing

The use of video can help expand your brand like never before because it can be used in multiple channels. It’s estimated that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on their feeds, while YouTube alone has over a billion users that you could potentially be reaching. Approximately 45% of people watch video through Facebook or YouTube each week.

If you’re not using video marketing, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that might be able to help expand your brand and increase your customer base. Here at  Venture and Grow , We create targeted video messages that can be used in multiple formats, from commercials to social media. They can help you craft a message that may help increase your business.


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