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Social media has become increasingly important over the last decade. Facebook’s growth marked an important turning point in marketing. Slowly, businesses and marketers realized that social media could be used to spread their marketing messages through their fans. Over time, other social networks also became important to businesses. Social media networks like Twitter and Instagram slowly became important networks through which marketers could work. Here are just a few reasons that social media marketing is important.

Social media Marketing Amplifies Your Message

Perhaps the biggest advantage to integrating social media into your marketing plan is the benefit of having your message amplified through your fans. This is the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing. In previous years, when marketers released a well crafted commercial or message, they might be able to anticipate some people talking about the ad with their friends. On social media, the marketer’s message can be passed along much more easily. Well crafted ads can be liked and shared with friends. One friend can share that message with ten friends, and each of those ten friends can share the message with ten of their own friends. This can quickly amplify a marketing message.

Raising Brand Awareness and Loyalty with Social Media Marketing

 According to a report released by Texas Tech University, companies that operate on social media can help to improve brand loyalty among visitors to their social pages. When companies engage with users on social media channels, they are more likely to earn a customer’s loyalty and favor. In one specific example, Texas Tech looked at tweets related to Starbucks. The largest percentage of tweets fell into the “enjoyment and elation” category. Basically, people mostly tweeted highly positive things about the company, which might have an influence on their friends as well.

Increase Your Conversions with Social Media Marketing

 The end goal of any marketing plan is to increase conversions. Conversions can mean a lot of things. For some business, conversions may equate to getting people to sign up for a newsletter. In other cases, conversions may mean making traditional sales. A conversion is any end goal that a business sets as a result of its marketing. Fortunately, social media marketing often leads to higher conversion rates. Companies that work through social media marketing have a more human face that makes it more likely customers will convert.

 Social Media Marketing is Cost Effective

 Taken all together, social media allows for an organic amplification of a business’ message, improved brand loyalty, and an increase in a company’s conversion. Perhaps best of all, businesses can accomplish all of this with a relatively low investment when compared to other forms of marketing. Print and radio, for instance, can be costlier due to limited availability. Social media marketing can deliver a business’ message around the clock, and businesses can tailor their messages to suit their budgets.


 There are multiple benefits to integrating social media into your marketing plan. While social media marketing is particularly helpful for budget-conscious companies, it plays a role in the marketing plans of even the largest corporations. Appropriately done, social media marketing is the key to attaching a personal face to your organization, increasing conversions, amplifying your marketing message, and improving loyalty to your brand. Agencies like Venture and Grow specialize in crafting a highly tailored and effective social media marketing plan. With the appropriately crafted message, you may find your audience rapidly expanding and your conversions increasing.

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