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How Effective is Email Marketing?

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One of the most under-appreciated parts of marketing is the email marketing campaign. When people think about marketing, they often think about website design or the creation of promotional materials for different types of media. How powerful can email marketing be? Very. It’s still considered the best way of generating leads for your business. The use of this type of marketing has a long track record of generating success for businesses, and it should always be considered one of the primary ways of reaching out to potential customers.

Effective Email Campaign

So, how are effective email campaigns created? There are a few guidelines that successful campaigns follow. One of the most powerful approaches is to use personalization to reach out to contacts. Generic emails that seem as if they were ripped from a template are less likely to have any impact. When readers get emails that address them in generic terms like “sir” or “madam,” they quickly tune out. Simple changes that make emails more personal are more likely to generate leads and conversions.


Calls to action are also important when creating email campaigns. Good advertisers always use calls to action at the end of their content, regardless of whether they are advertising on television or on websites. The same calls to action need to be present in emails. Otherwise, customers are less likely to visit your website or take any action, like buy your products or services.

Email marketing needs to be targeted, speaking to your ideal clients, and they need to be delivered regularly. Successful campaigns deliver high quality email content on a weekly or monthly basis. When you fail to deliver targeted content that’s appealing, your contacts tune out, close their email, and simply don’t buy your products or services. In a worse case scenario, they unsubscribe from your mailing list. This represents a loss of a customer, so it’s important to create highly effective emails.

Email Marketing is Inexpensive

One of the best parts of email marketing, besides how effective it is, is that good campaigns are quite affordable. There is plenty of software that can be used to manage your email contacts, plan an email schedule, and generally increase the effectiveness of your campaign. You can also generate email lists without investing heavily in your website. All you need to do is integrate an email signup into your website, either as part of a webpage or as a pop up.

Visitors to your website are already interested in your content, so they’re more likely to respond favorably to your emails. Reaching out to your existing customers through your website is a simple and inexpensive way of creating a powerful email marketing list.


Are you looking to create an effective but inexpensive campaign that may lead to improved conversions? Then email marketing may help. Venture and Grow can bring their extensive experience designing email campaigns to you and help create a campaign that may increase your sales over the next year.

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