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What Makes Social Proof Effective and Important

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Social proof is the marketing tactic for relieving the minds of worried customers and only smart marketers know the effective ways. You might be wondering how you harness this to boost business growth and increase your revenues in 2019.

Social proof is a phenomenon that shapes our behavior through imitation. It is one of the powerful tools of influence and persuasion.  It gains in importance because shoppers are becoming more informed all the time. Nowadays the power of the internet is at their fingertips, customers can know an immense amount of information regarding your business before even talking with a salesperson.

Below are some great ways how to generate social proof for your business to drive more new sales online.


Reviews online are an important part of any business. Getting reviews on Google and Yelp can help your business on having a good reputation.


Customers are often wary of finding a business to fulfill their needs without a referral. Having real client testimonials on your website that are specific to the differences you made and really satisfied can make the purchasing decision easier.


If people find your business and you have 100,000 devoted fans commenting and connecting with you, that person is likely to feel more comfortable with the idea of purchasing your services or products.

Comments and Interaction

You must have a section for comments and feedback on your website and social media platforms. Give support and more engagement to show people are interested in your business.

Logos and Client Lists

For some businesses, you’re able to display on your website which clients you have worked with. If your clients are known companies or people you can really use them to leverage your own trustworthiness.

Where applicable, display some but not all of your clients on your website. Why not all? It might be used by your competitor as a lead generating tool to find people looking for the services you offer. Just show the ones you’re most proud of unless you’re not bothered about listing all of them.


Referrals are worth more than diamonds. Having a referral shows you’re someone’s trusted source for what you offer. The proof is in the trust between the person who recommended your business and the potential customer.


Another is that it is a must to understand things when utilizing social proof in your marketing efforts. A positive social proof can influence customers to buy a new good or trust a business while negative proof has quite the opposite effect.

Negative Social Proof is Very Unpleasant for Persuasion

The big mistake business owners often make is that they use negative social proof to increase the effectiveness of their call-to-action, which could be destroying their conversion rates. There are some having this mentality that if lots of people are doing something wrong, then it feels less wrong for you to do it. That’s why instead of being persuaded not to do it, it just makes the situation even worst. Same thing with using negative social proof for business.

Positive Social Proof is Influential

What happened when you flipped the negative message into a positive one? People will think that a lot of people had already given. Thus, switching the thinking to “Everybody’s following it, why not me?”

Positive social proof should be placed prominently on your most important sales and landing pages. Use it when customers are getting close to making a purchase.


Social proof can come in different shapes and sizes. These ideas can be useful to help you get started with using social proof in your marketing and also help generate more ideas.

Any positive comments about you, your business, or even your product is considered ‘social proof’. Social proof is an endorsement that says that this person, company, service, or product is great and that the overall customer journey has satisfied previous shoppers. The very presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy because of social proof, by definition, comes from customers, not the business itself. Social proof allows companies to take advantage of external validation in order to influence potential customers.

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