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Web Design: An Important Part of Marketing

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What is web design and why is it important to marketing? The design of a website refers to the elements that visitors find on a page and the ease with which they can use the website. A well-designed website is important because it keeps visitors on your site and entices them to revisit again. When visitors arrive on your page, they often decide within seconds whether to leave or stay, and visitors who stay need to find what they want quickly. With a well-designed website, you can ensure that your visitors stay and become customers.

Elements of Web Design

There are several elements that come together to create a website’s design. The first is the layout, which refers to how several smaller elements are arranged. How you position elements like graphics and text make up your website’s layout, and a good layout can make the difference between keeping your visitors on your website or confusing them and driving them away.

The content of your webpage is the heart of your website’s design. The old saying is that “content is king,” and if you don’t have the  content that appeals to your visitors, they’ll leave. You can catch their eye and keep them around longer if you tastefully use colors and graphics that highlight your content.

User-Friendly Web Design

User friendly web design is any website design that’s usable. You want your website to be designed in such a way that your visitors can easily navigate the site and find what they want. Navigation is one of the most important aspects of user-friendly design. Links and buttons should be easily visible, and customers should understand at a glance that they’re clickable. Your website should flow from one page to another in a way that’s appealing to the user.

How important is user friendly web design? In 2011, Hubspot conducted a study to find out what customers felt was the most important part of visiting a website. Some customers wanted an interactive experience and others wanted a visually appealing one. However, an incredible 76% of customers wanted the website to make it easy for them to find what they wanted. User friendly websites make navigation a priority and easily lead customers to what they’re looking for.

Website Design

Ideally, your website contains attractive elements that keeps your customers on the page. Then, your content attracts them and gets them to stay longer. Afterward, they move easily from your home page to what they’re looking for. Finally, they make the decision to purchase your products or services. Web design is the art of bringing together multiple principles to funnel your customers from the moment they arrive on your web page to the moment they decide to buy from you.


Good Web design brings together multiple elements with content that’s appealing. When joined with easy navigation, your website’s elements and content can help you convert visitors to customers. Experienced marketing companies like Venture and Grow can help you create a design for your website that may help increase your sales.

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