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Tips For Digital Marketing in 2020

As 2019 draws to a close, many businesses are planning to revamp their business plans for the new decade. One of the best places to start with your company overhaul is by taking a look at your digital marketing strategies. A strong online marketing campaign can make or break a business, so use these pro tips to start improving your digital marketing for 2020.

Focus on Appearances

When working on your company website, make sure the visual layout of your website encourages users to stay. This may sound like common sense, but appearances can be more powerful than might think. As many as 38% of internet users will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. Keep your website’s layout relatively simple and intuitive. This will ensure visitors to your website will be able to find necessary information easily. Make sure that your company’s name, contact information, and location are easily visible on the majority of pages and that you don’t sacrifice user-friendliness for a visually unique design.

Go Organic

When it comes to encouraging traffic to your website, organic search engine traffic is king. Search engine optimization on your website will help move your company’s website up in rankings for relevant search engine queries. In simple terms, focusing on local SEO will direct users to your website more often. Today’s internet users are smart and can recognize a paid advertisement or search result more quickly. In other words, organic SEO will help drive more meaningful traffic.

Seek Outside Help

Figuring out exactly what steps you need to take to update your website can be overwhelming when tackling it on your own. Consider hiring local SEO services to help you with your website overhaul. The right local SEO services will have a better understanding of your preferred audience demographics as well as local trends in advertising, helping you stay ahead of your competition.

Digital marketing can be complicated, especially if you haven’t updated your company’s website in a while. Luckily, the end of the year and the start of a new decade is a perfect time to revamp your company’s website. These tips will ensure you’re prepared to rise to new heights in 2020. If you want more digital marketing advice, contact Venture and Grow today.

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