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Social Media: Ride the Wave or Drown in It

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When it comes to social media, marketers are a lot like surfers riding a strong wave. The social media ecosystem can be a huge wave of information that’s difficult to break through and get noticed.

Riding the social media wave can be liberating and exhilarating. So better prepare yourself to respond to whatever unplanned opportunities may arise from your social media marketing.

Even if you have never been near a surfboard, you have probably seen spectacular pictures of surfers riding waves. Surfers know that they cannot control any waves. They also know that by aligning their own energy with the energy of the wave, they can have a great ride.

Like an experienced surfer, you will learn that even though you cannot control the social media wave that you create, you ride it well aligning your resources with it.

Below are a couple of high-level tactics that you can employ to begin leveraging these tools to help grow your businesses and brands.


Determine your goals.

The first step to any social campaign is to identify what your goals are. Are you using social to create awareness and transparency for your internal company culture? Is it about raising your brand’s awareness? Will it be used for a lead generation strategy? Whatever the case is, make sure that you’re clear around the goals, and develop content and messaging to support them.


Understand your metrics.

Over the last few years, social media companies have begun providing data and insights to their business pages with the hopes of allowing businesses to better understand how well content is being received by their audiences.

There are entire strategies on how to maximize these results, such as the times at which content is being posted, as well as connecting with specific demographics and regions that are in alignment with your brand strategy. At the end of the day, these metrics will help you better understand what is working. This will ultimately define the value to your management while allowing you to evolve your content over time.


Utilize your brand/style guidelines.

If your company has a brand identity (using specific colors, fonts, etc.), make sure that your social media posts reflect this. While social is still very much an evolving ecosystem, it is important to remember that it is also a powerful extension of your company or brand.

If you work for a large organization, or your company is taking on social media for a client, decision-makers will want to stay informed with what is being posted. If you’re planning to post with the basics: how, when, the value and why, be prepared to have an organized document.


Test, repeat and optimize.

When the guidelines were already outlined, it is now the time to begin putting this into action. Coming up with a social calendar or posting schedule is the best way.

If you’re not familiar with these, there are several free services out there that can help you publish your content. Through the process, it can also help you understand how well it’s performing. Targeting your audience can drastically impact your Instagram scheduling, particularly if you’re targeting an audience in several time zones.

After doing initial testing with a few posts and have analyzed the data, you should begin to optimize your post schedule depending on the results.



We’re at a unique time in human history where the ability to reach people in ways only dreamed about in the past. Because of this, it’s extremely important to not only stay the course of leveraging these new tools and techniques but actually double down on it. Because if you don’t, who will bound to get left behind is you.

Things aren’t just changing at a rapid rate. Things have changed.



Social media marketing isn’t the be-all/end-all. Like any other marketing tool, it’s part of a greater whole. Our age of technology offers many opportunities for businesses to promote their services and products. Whatever you used to think about social media marketing, it has become a giant in the business world. So, use it wisely. Work with it. Master it. Just don’t try to ignore it. You can ride the wave or you can get knocked over it. It’s your choice.

Be a surfer of your own wave or just make your own waves. Never surf alone, let us, Venture and Grow surf with you.




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