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How to Build Organic SEO

Is your website getting the traffic you desire? In most cases, probably not. Or, even you are happy with the traffic however, there is always room for improvement. But contrary to popular belief just one single blog post can make a gigantic difference.

“If this sounds too good to be true, with just learning a few secrets you can grow site traffic by 1089%.” Convince&Convert.

While, SEO (search engine optimization) changes consistently, therefore, businesses who want to stay abreast of the competition need to be aware of recent trends.

“Statistica reports, 52.2% of worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones.”

One of the first steps to take is to use Google’s mobile test site to see if your webpage is mobile-friendly. In the event it fails the test, you might want to take steps to correct the issue. As time progresses, so will mobile usage on the internet. Below are some steps to get ahead of the competition with organic SEO optimization.

Build Solid Content

While it is true, links are the essence behind the world-wide-web. It is possible to build long-lasting links without having quality content to use as the link.

Quality content is not quickly thrown together words on a page. Instead, the content should be timeless information – well above anything found on a competitor’s site. It includes information that users are raving about and tell everyone to look up your site.

Effective marketing is formed from quality content; a crucial component in modern day integrated marketing campaigns that cohesively drive search results. It’s so vital, in fact, that some 22% surveyed at Smart Insights stated content would be the digital marketing activity with the greatest commercial impact. If creating this content to improve organic SEO results, seems daunting, the results are well worth the time.


Relevant Keywords

One of the most effective ways to rank high in search results is the use of relevant keywords. Hence, the same philosophy applies to create content. In fact, the best way to ensure rankings is to build the content around keywords. Use ones that are highly relevant to your business.

When a business produces high-quality content it doesn’t just increase perceptions, it is one of the best ways to build effective link opportunities. If the content provides worthwhile, lengthy information on any particular subject, it will be far more likely to be read and shared.

Therefore, it is essential to build the links to boost relevancy – and rankings that fit your business’s most relevant keywords.

Tips for creating keyword-relevant content

Primary Keywords

By using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Either one can help find the most relevant keywords. Tip: keywords change constantly.

Once you have located the best possible keywords for the business then build your content around them.

Structure Content

The content is thereby structured around first primary keywords, by using secondary keywords it will perfectly structure ad copy for great results. Tip: long-tail keywords are perfect for structuring the body of your content.

Once you find the perfect long-tail phrases use them as headings and subheadings, which will further enhance keyword usage. It is one way to cover all the basics.

Validate Topic Ideas

An inspiration starts the progression of great content. But, ensuring the message is right for your business, website or audience is essential. Use the keywords and search to verify the results.

By using tools like Buzzsumo,  AlltopQuora, and even Google Trends will help validate topics before writing about them. Again, is the message relevant to your business?

Study the Competition

Great content is good for a reason, but impossible to duplicate without proper research. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What resources already exist?
  • What do they cover?
  • And most importantly, can you create something better?

Tip: Competitors’ content is a useful research tool, to ensure your content is entirely unique. Use SEO crawlers such as OnCrawl, which will alert you to any duplicate or near-duplicate content issues.

One of the easiest ways, to answer the questions is to study the competition. By researching the content, you can uncover what is relevant. Thereby, learning how to move ahead of the competition with a quality message for users.  The goal is to become the go-to site for everything pertaining to your business. It’s the easiest way to improve organic SEO optimization.

Create a Virtual Elements

The ability to have lengthy text is wonderful, but a giant wall of it is will get visitors to leave promptly. Consider it window dressing. By introducing visual elements, you’ll enhance the shareability and memorability of the content, as well as open your business to a larger userbase, especially when you consider 65% of people are visual learners! Tip: Any old blurred element or unsavory images will not be favorable. In fact, it will have the reverse effect.

Visual assets aren’t just regular images from a Google Image search. Instead, they are unique diagrams or infographics created specifically for the content. The diagrams or infographics explain a theory, communicate a point, or showcase data in exciting and interesting ways— gain attention (and links) because of it. Below are three ways to create visual content;

  1. Research the topic, data, and content that will make up your diagram or infographic.
  2. Follow infographic design best practices, and create an infographic of your own by using a free tool like Venngage.
  3. If you lack design experiences; services use like Design Crowdor Crowdspring to recruit talented artists to create a stunning diagram or infographic for you.

Voice Search

In 2020 voice search is expected to climb dramatically. In fact, teenagers use their smartphone to voice search 60% of the time on a daily basis. Three of the most common words are ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘best’.

If you already have a solid SEO foundation, then the increase in voice search will not affect your business. But there are some key factors to keep in mind. Voice searches use long-tail keywords, more like a conversation. For example, people might search for: “What is the closest Italian restaurant near me?” as opposed to “Italian restaurant near me.” Voice searches more likely to be a question phrase.

The best option is to study how your audience speaks about your business’s products or services. One handy tool is called, Answer the public. It can be used to research how people are asking questions on a voice search basis. Tip: long-tail keywords are cheaper and better click-through rates than shorter ones. You can use free or paid keyword research tools to get an idea of the most popular search terms and gain qualified traffic.

Page Speed

Since July 2018 Google has initiated protocols to deliver the best possible experience for the user, and such enforces mobile site speed as a ranking factor. It is highly recommended to use updated page speed apps to maintain quality load speeds. However, not all is lost if your site is slower because Google wants to see quality content as well. It also emphasizes that the intent of a search engine query was still a strong signal. So, a slower page can rank high if it has relevant content that best answers a query.

Artificial Blockchain Intelligence

In recent times, ‘Blockchain’ has become very relevant. Blockchain technology with the emergence of cryptocurrency. Plus, it has been helpful in many other industries, including tracking supply chains, medical testing, making the internet more secure and transforming the marketing automation space.

Using Blockchain technology fundamentally changes how data is tracked online. Its technology uses a distributed ledger that is transparent, to secure records of transactions which cannot be changed. The shift gives people more control over their data and provides companies with new options to use the information. Since the advent webmasters are exploring ways of integrating blockchain into websites, so potential profits could be earned. And possibly validate backlinks. Throughout the coming year, blockchain will become more relevant, to normal mainstream technology.

One last implement that will change organic SEO optimization over the next year is the continued use of businesses seeking out ways to employ AI. Google’s foundation element is AI; everything from implementing machine learning in Gmail, to gathering news headlines, creating human-sounding robotic voices, and many other things. Be prepared for some exciting new technology that will elevate the way digital business is concluded.

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