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How to Use the New Bing with ChatGPT in 3 Easy Steps.

Bing, the Microsoft-owned and operated web search engine has received an extra boost via OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. The technology is set to transform Bing into a search engine that is capable of carrying on a human-like conversation. This was officially announced at a Microsoft ChatGPT event this month. The working arrangement and partnership is one where ChatGPT is going to be integrated into both Bing and Microsoft’s web browser Edge. Microsoft described the new Bing as based on a large language model from OpenAI “that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search”. This comes as a culmination of Microsoft investing billions in OpenAI (Chat GPT’s parent company) to challenge the dominance of Google in the search engine department. Google themselves are planning to launch their own chatbot, Bard AI. These new developments usher us into an exciting new era of search engines churning out results in a human-like format. We need to fully embrace and understand this new technology to get the most out of it, including as a great asset to freelance digital marketing jobs. In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step process of using Bing with ChatGPT, although Microsoft has released this new Bing to a limited audience. It should soon be easily accessible once they have ironed out the bugs identified.

Accessing Bing with ChatGPT

You should soon be able to access Bing from any browser, but at the moment the only way to access the new Bing with ChatGPT functionality is to open it in Microsoft’s Edge browser. Even then, you possibly will not (yet) have access to Bing with ChatGPT. Assuming you do, here is how to sign up;

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  • 1. Open Microsoft Edge (tap the Start button and type “Edge” then hit Enter) and navigate to
  • 2. Hit Join the waitlist.
  • 3. Type in the email and password associated with your Microsoft account.
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With that, you are good to go. If you want to increase chances of being granted access to Bing with ChatGPT, Microsoft recommends that you;

  • Set Microsoft Edge as your default browser
  • Download the Microsoft Edge app from the Microsoft Store

How to use Bing with ChatGPT

Once you use Bing with ChatGPT you’ll notice the difference from Bing’s normal search. Bing with ChatGPT will give you search results in a more conversational tone, instead of the usual list of links. You can also help refine your search by telling Bing what you think of its results. Let me teach you how to use Bing with ChatGPT through the search process and some common follow-up decisions. Note that Microsoft is currently imposing limits on Bing (opens in new tab) to prevent disturbing behavior many users have noticed. You are limited to five chats per session and just 50 chats per day to prevent long chat sessions from occurring.

1. To use Bing with ChatGPT, point your web browser (which should be Edge for the foreseeable future) to and type your question into the search box.

2. If you have access to the new Bing with ChatGPT you should see a chat window appear with your query phrased as the opening line. If you don’t, you may need to click Chat at the top of the screen to switch Bing into Chat mode. You will be able to see as it writes you an answer. If the answer seems to be too long or overelaborate, you can hit “stop responding” to tell it to stop. One added advantage is that you will see footnote references at the bottom to inform you where the chatbot is pulling the data from. After it’s done writing you’ll see sample responses listed.

3. This is where there is a major difference. Instead of clicking a link and continuing your research on your own, you can keep chatting with Bing to learn more or refine your search.

Microsoft obviously wants you to keep using Bing, so it serves up a smattering of suggested follow-up questions after every search. You can choose not to use Bing’s suggested follow-ups and keep asking questions of your own. When you mouse over the responses you will see thumbs up/thumbs down icons appear, which you can click to tell Microsoft if it was a good or bad answer. If you see anything which requires more comment, you should click the Feedback button in the bottom-right corner and tell Microsoft directly. Over and above the human conversation-like responses, Bing with ChatGPT can even serve you several lines of decent poetry at your asking. Awesome, isn’t it? It is clear that the new Bing will likely be able to do much more than it is presently and that is such an exciting prospect. For now let’s make the most of the new developments that it has to offer.

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