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Maximizing A Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

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Google Ads is one of the most advanced advertising platforms. It allows big and small businesses to have their products and services advertised in front of potential customers in a matter of hours.


This platform has numerous targeting options and settings that cater to different types of businesses. Having countless options and setting can often be overwhelming and difficult to understand in launching a new marketing campaign.  It can easily consume a chunk of your marketing budget without achieving your marketing goal. You can avoid this and minimize your expense with a higher return.


On average, in every one dollar spent by Google Ads Advertisers, they generate two dollars. This means the average advertiser can expect to double their money on the platform. It may sound convincing but there are also cases of people blowing thousands of dollars in the process. You don’t need to take the risk of a huge budget on Google Ads to drive sales. Matter of fact, low budget Ad campaigns can dominate your results because there is a lot more to placing an Ad than the budget.


Here is how to make sure your business is seeing a healthy Return on Investment (ROI) for every dollar you spend on Google Ads.


Set a Maximum Daily Budget and Project Results

The Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google Ads is really daunting and it’s like gambling. Most people invest and hoping to get a pay off rather than produce zero dollars in profit. The truth is there is no minimum budget on Google Ads. But before immediately diving into campaign creation for your low-budget PPC campaign, you should project your results in advance to build realistic expectations.


First, you need to determine the maximum of your budget that you are comfortable to spend on a single day. Then multiply it by the number of days in a month, that is your maximum spend. For example, if your maximum spend in a day is $4, that would be $120 per month.


Start with a Specific Single Keyword

In running low budget campaigns, you need to make a different approach as any other campaign. You should limit yourself to a single, great keyword. Because bidding on multiple keywords that cost multiple dollars per click is going to spread your campaign thin. It also requires longer setup times and additional unique landing pages, raising your time, effort and costs.

If you are searching for the right keyword, I suggest you use Google Ads Keyword Tool. This will give you valuable data like bidding estimates for top page and top spot bids in relation to competitors.


Create a Single Keyword Ad Group

If you already found your keyword of choice, you can now move on developing a Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG. It may sound obvious that SKAGs is an ad group on your campaign that features just one keyword.


SKAGs modify your single keyword into three specific match-types:

Broad match modifier:  +keyword

Phrase match: “keyword”

Exact match: [keyword]


It produces specificity and having multiple keywords in a single ad group can ruin the campaign because it can’t cater to all possible searches. Google Ads uses this in quality score factor because the Quality Score estimates how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are. The more specific you are, the better the result. It will be in total performance and decrease costs. It has been proven, that the use of SKAGs can increase your quality score from five to nearly eight. The increase in QS resulted in a 37.5% decrease in cost per lead and a 28% Click Through Rate (CTR) increase. This is how you maximize your low-budget.


Utilize ECPC Bidding

Let’s go forward in finding the right bid for your campaign. Google Ads offers ten different types of bidding styles to choose from. I recommend ECPC also known as Enhanced Cost Per Click. It’s a smart bidding type where Google can implement machine learning and automation to increase or decrease bids on a given search on behalf of you. Google will determine whether to bid higher or lower for you. They will take into account keywords, funnel stage, competitors and relevance. The result of this is Google increasing your bids when your ad is the best fit and decreasing when your competitor is sure to win. This will prevent you from wasting money from not relevant clicks and maximize your efforts.


Create a SKAG Landing Page That Converts

Usually, landing pages in most PPC campaigns are to blame for the lack of conversions. Gaining clicks on your ad is easy if you follow the idea of specificity and creating SKAGs. If you are displaying specific terms the audience looks for but when they take a look at the landing page and you are offering something unrelated to what they are looking for, this is a massive disconnect.

You should ensure that you offer a message match. As defined by Unbounce:

“A measure of how well your landing page copy matches the phrasing of the ad or link that brought the visitor there. For PPC marketers, this means matching your ad copy to your landing page headline. Strong message match increases conversions because it reassures people they’ve come to the right place.”

Using this strategy will increase your conversion rates.



Being more cautious in developing your Google Ads Campaign especially if you are trying to work out a low-budget campaign will have a higher return on investment. There is a great opportunity in Google Ads and don’t turn away from it for having fear of losing your marketing budget. You can now minimize the risk of wasting money and learn the best way to maximize your low-budget campaign today. If you want to learn more about google ads winning strategies feel free to contact us.


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