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Do I Need to Hire a Marketing Manager

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Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world. Technology has created astounding tools and resources, putting useful information at their fingertips. These shifts have dramatically changed the trade of a marketing manager, adding more to their plate. This led to a lesser number of qualified candidates available for executive level marketing positions.

Moreover, most marketers have to accept that what they’re familiar with won’t be around forever. Many of them have been in this industry for multiple decades and their skills are getting more and more out of date. In turn, this makes the task of hiring marketers more demanding as well.

One of the concerns is the way of hiring marketing executives. How will it be done when the traditional role of a marketer has evolved? What are the considerations? The best way to understand what marketing manager does is considering the role of marketers in the modern day and age. That despite these findings, there are ways to make sure you hire the best marketing manager for your company.


Screening and Evaluating Candidate Resumes

Usually, your first interactions with applicants are through their resumes. To find qualified candidates, take a look at the qualifications for a job. It should be based on skills, traits, and behaviors necessary to be successful in the role. Generally, the first thing most people do when they look at a resume is to look at a candidate’s previous work experience.

The second thing is education. Many jobs don’t necessarily require a minimum level of education. But, as college and university degrees become more common these days, education has increased in importance as a qualification. Moreover, considering its skills, knowledge, and competencies is a requirement. The shortcut we use here is to look for relevant keywords on their resume for a desired skill or knowledge. Once you feel confident that a candidate is likely to possess at least some of these skills required, you can always further assess their abilities during the interview stage.

Finally, personality and values. Although most job postings list desired personality traits and values, assessing a candidate’s personality and values from their resume can be hard to do. We can make some guesses about a candidate’s personality from their resume if they include their personal interests. We also tend to use other sources of information such as their public social media profiles or their behavior during an interview.


Look for Digital Marketing Qualities

Since the role of the marketing manager has been completely altered by technology, it’s important that candidates have a strong understanding of today’s best digital marketing applications. Ask candidates about their experience with coding or developing applications, using analytics and data to make strategic decisions, and how they manage digital content.

Because of things like ever-evolving technology, consumer habits that are always changing, and the increasing sophistication of both the internet and its users, the world of digital marketing is in a state constant of flux. There are always new things to learn, new art to master, and new hurdles to overcome, and it’s an absolute must that a marketing manager should acquire the ability to self-start.

Another consequence of digital marketing being ever-changing is that it requires digital marketers to be equally willing to change and adapt. Flexibility, therefore, is an essential quality in a digital marketing professional, because you always have to be prepared to adopt new practices, update your skill set and knowledge base, keep up with industry best practices, and stay current with the latest technologies and trends.


Consider Hiring a Marketing Manager Contractor

Still not finding the right talent, or having a hard time upon hiring one? Consider hiring a marketing manager on a contract basis. Contracting marketing managers is a cost-effective way to get top talent without the risk of turnover. If the contractor is not a fit for your company, you can hire another without paying a lot of money. But before coming up with the decision to hire a contractor, learn about the processes that come with hiring them.



As the marketing realm blasts, small to medium organizations once again have a fighting chance. However, more often than not, the fighting chance is too expensive of an investment. With just limited resources, such firms should consider outsourcing their marketing to expert agencies such as Venture and Grow.

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