Content Writing

Grow customer confidence with a display of authority

Content is King: The first lesson in effective marketing

Your customers will be reading your content to know how much information you have about the services you are selling. This will determine the level of customer satisfaction they will expect to get when they patronize your business.

In these highly competitive times, it is very important to create and develop relevant and attractive content.

We are highly proficient in developing the right content and interlacing it within marketing campaigns that yield results.  we will create and polish compelling and engaging content that can be used for your website, press releases, social media, and emails. This will put your business far ahead of the competition.

Just as social media is essential, an online blog, industry articles, PR, and press releases are also a valuable way to help it to grow.

At Venture and Grow, we know that content is highly effective so we specialize in providing relevant content for websites, blogs, email, social media, PR outlets and more. Every business has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. Content should contain words (keywords) that attract and retain users on a website.

  1. We identify your customer needs
  2. We write articles about them
  3. We publish them on your blog
  4. We promote those posts though our email list, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  5. Your customers find them, read them, then see you as an authority
  6. They get curious about your solutions
  7. They create an account after reading a post or join your email list
  8. We send them more awesome answers to their questions with an opportunity to contact you
  9. They book & hop on a call with one of your account managers (Salesperson)
  10. Account managers have the easiest sell in the world because the lead already knows, likes and trusts you
  • we are masters of a number of different writing styles
  • we never pick random subjects
  • we are original
  • we know SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress.
  • we are all social media specialists.