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Communication For Your Business; Why You Should Hire An Expert.

The English Premier League makes headlines for its juicy transfer rumors and business during a transfer window. It is a time when players’ agents are out to get the best for their players, and themselves. This is mostly the case if a player’s contract is running out, a player is unhappy or the agent has secured a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for his client. It is always advisable to never burn bridges, the best way to go about transfers is for the player and agent to ensure the business is conducted and communicated as professionally as possible. Many times this is not the case and a player leaves their club and its fans with a feeling of betrayal. Their next meeting, with the player at the new club, is often a nasty affair, booing and everything.

Moises Caicedo Wants Out From Brighton

One such case of transfer business gone wrong happened yesterday when Brighton’s Moises Caicedo took to his social media platforms to express the desire to leave the club. This came after two teams expressed interest in his services, but his club Brighton turned the transfer bids down.

Caicedo’s statement read, “I am grateful to Mr. Bloom (Brighton owner) and Brighton for giving me the chance to come to the Premier League and I feel I have always done my best for them. I always play football with a smile and with heart. I am the youngest of 10 siblings from a poor upbringing in Santa Domingo in Ecuador. My dream always to be the most decorated player in the history of Ecuador. I am proud to be able to bring in a record transfer fee for Brighton which would allow them to reinvest and help the club continue to be successful. The fans have always taken me into their hearts and they will always be in my heart so I hope they can understand why I want to take up this magnificent opportunity.”

Caicedo Statement Faux Pas

The above statement leaves the Ecuadorian in a very tricky situation. His current club and fan-base now see him as a glory-hunting mercenary selling his services to the highest bidder. His next club will also be wary of him trying to force through a move away from them if another better offer comes for him. His statement also shows there was no expert communication advisor to refine his statement or advise on the wrong timing of it. Most of what he expressed could have been explained to the club’s leadership behind closed doors and left most of the other parts of the statement for when he actually leaves. Moises Caicedo, as all pro sportspeople are, is a business. He earns money and attracts endorsements both for himself and his club. He therefore should have experts around him that handle his communication and ensure his image is as marketable as it can be throughout his whole career. Loyalty and professionalism sell in sports, they sell big. Moises Caicedo and his agent have a big task to clean up his image, however this saga turns out.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Communications Expert

An expert in communication can help a business effectively convey their message to their target audience, build and maintain relationships with customers and stakeholders, and protect the company’s reputation. They can also help the business stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices, and ensure that all communication is consistent and aligns with the company’s overall goals and brand identity. They also know the best ways to reach that audience and can create a communication plan that is tailored to the specific needs of the business. Additionally, an expert can help a business avoid potential communication mistakes and can help manage any crisis communication that may arise.

In summary, here are 10 reasons why you need a communications expert for your business;

  1. Clear and effective communication can improve internal and external relationships.
  2. A communication expert can help develop and implement a communication strategy.
  3. They can help identify and target key audiences.
  4. They can assist in creating compelling messaging that resonates with the audience.
  5. They can help manage and protect the company’s reputation.
  6. They can assist in crisis communication planning and management.
  7. They can help improve employee engagement and morale.
  8. They can assist in creating and implementing social media and content marketing campaigns.
  9. They can help train employees on communication best practices.
  10. They can provide valuable insights and analytics on communication efforts.

Venture and Grow’s Parting Shot For Mr. Moises Caicedo

Dear Mr. Caicedo, at Venture and Grow we have a tried and proven team of communications, image and marketing experts that will not only be about helping you chase the bag. We will ensure that you get the most out of your career, professionally, shielding you from any potential regrettable decisions and choice of words. Here is what we would have put out as a statement, if there was need at this juncture;

“Dear Brighton fans, as you must have heard, the club has received two bids from top teams in the league. It is always a player’s ambition to play at the highest level in their career. It is what we dream about while starting out our careers. To get this bids signifies that I have played with heart and desire for Brighton these last two seasons. It has always been my way, ever since I first kicked a football. I trust that the matter will be resolved to the best interest of all parties involved. I remain focused and ready to be called upon for our next game against Liverpool this Sunday. Yours truly, Moises Caicedo.”

The statement, whilst welcoming the bids and showing his ambition, also highlights that he is a professional who will not let his game get affected by the ongoing transfer talk. It both sets the tone for understanding from the fans if a move does go through and also ensures that if he doesn’t get to leave, he will not face resentment from the Brighton fans.

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