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Social Media Marketing
When it comes to social media, marketers are a lot like surfers riding a strong wave. The social media ecosystem can be a huge wave of information that’s difficult to break through and get noticed. Riding the social media wave can be liberating and exhilarating. So better prepare yourself to respond to whatever unplanned opportunities...
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Social proof is the marketing tactic for relieving the minds of worried customers and only smart marketers know the effective ways. You might be wondering how you harness this to boost business growth and increase your revenues in 2019. Social proof is a phenomenon that shapes our behavior through imitation. It is one of the powerful tools of influence and persuasion.  It gains...
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Most companies today have digital marketing or social marketing departments.  But with the viral and somewhat uncontrollable nature of social media, the key messages or even the brand image could be damaged by negative assertions or feedback. In short, this has meant bad publicity that companies could barely comprehend and control. Trends are like the...
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Social media has become increasingly important over the last decade. Facebook’s growth marked an important turning point in marketing. Slowly, businesses and marketers realized that social media could be used to spread their marketing messages through their fans. Over time, other social networks also became important to businesses. Social media networks like Twitter and Instagram...
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