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Google Ads/ PPC Management
12 Google Search Statistics To Help Grow Your Business
Data is basically just pieces of information- Simple! Someone walking down a busy street and taking down notes of all they see is collecting data. It may be meaningless or irrelevant but it still qualifies to be data. Now to what is important,  A marketer is not interested in irrelevant information. A marketer’s interest is...
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How to Get Quality Leads with PPC
Your Pay-Per-Click campaign is running at a loss if it doesn’t provide you with quality, converting leads. Let’s say you have poured thousands of dollars into your PPC search campaigns and managed to generate a substantial number of leads. You are already rocking on conversion rates at the same time your cost per lead is...
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How to Grow Your Business using Google Ads
If you are trying to reach your target audience using ads, try to consider spending your money in the right place. Somewhere with over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions and an estimated 700% return on investment. Google has an expansive reach and the chances to be seen by your target customer is...
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Google Ads is one of the most advanced advertising platforms. It allows big and small businesses to have their products and services advertised in front of potential customers in a matter of hours.   This platform has numerous targeting options and settings that cater to different types of businesses. Having countless options and setting can...
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“Google Ads” formally, “Google Adwords”, is Google’s system of advertising online by creating ads and using keywords to reach different audiences. This method of advertisement relies on your choice of keywords. The keywords you choose will impact who sees your ads. When people use search strings that include your keywords, your advertisement may appear in...
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