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Digital Marketing
Marketing Trends in 2020
Marketing is steadily changing. As consumer behavior, search trends, and business goes on a continual ebb and flow, businesses will routinely need to adapt. Why? Organizations that are current are more able to secure conversions, which is the ultimate goal for any business. Understandably, it can be challenging keeping up with marketing trends. Many business...
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Positioning Your Brand for Success in 2020
Needless to say, the world of business is cutthroat. Establishing your presence in your market, whether it’s competitive or not, can be challenging if you don’t develop a central brand positioning strategy. Let’s face it – building a strong brand requires having a lot of equity in your industry. With that being said, what are...
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As 2019 draws to a close, many businesses are planning to revamp their business plans for the new decade. One of the best places to start with your company overhaul is by taking a look at your digital marketing strategies. A strong online marketing campaign can make or break a business, so use these pro...
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Growing Your Business With Marketing Mix Modeling
Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is an analysis technique that marketers use to measure the influence of their marketing and advertising campaigns to determine how different factors contribute to their goal. Conversion is one of the very important tools for guiding budget decisions and measuring the impact of your marketing to find out what’s working across...
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More companies continue to grow simply because they understand their markets and customers. One of the best ways to understand your target is through the use of market segmentation. Market segmentation is simply an identification process that allows businesses to recognize the specific demands of particular customer demographics. During the identification process of market segmentation,...
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Business Growth: How to Exceed Your Marketing Goals
The success of your small business relies on your efforts to grow profits using various methods. It’s important to keep in mind that every aspect of your business deserves attention. Rapid growth doesn’t happen overnight, it requires several steps you must take to keep your business moving forward. However, when you start gaining benefits of your...
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Building a Strong Online Presence for Small Business
An online presence gives your business credibility. It becomes the digital face of your business. It shows people that your business exists and it also allows you to interact with customers to give them a peek at the customer service and quality of service you provide. Being online is no longer an option for your...
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