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Chris Miller
  Data is basically just pieces of information- Simple! Someone walking down a busy street and taking down notes of all they see is collecting data. It may be meaningless or irrelevant but it still qualifies to be data. Now to what is important,  A marketer is not interested in irrelevant information. A marketer’s interest...
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Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is an analysis technique that marketers use to measure the influence of their marketing and advertising campaigns to determine how different factors contribute to their goal. Conversion is one of the very important tools for guiding budget decisions and measuring the impact of your marketing to find out what’s working across...
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A trained copywriter’s job is to sell your brand to a specific audience. They do this by promoting an idea or selling a product using a creative campaign. These campaigns are either ads on busy streets, TV commercials, direct email marketing, newspapers, etc. while a content writer, on the other hand, works basically on the...
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An ideal Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy requires some work. It’s a frequent process that takes time to perfect. Although ABM requires a long-term commitment, seeing measurable results on ROI from your program doesn’t.  There are a few crucial KPIs and metrics that help to check if you are making progress. This article will help you understand...
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