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Custom Marketing Apps

Make better decisions with Detailed Marketing Analytics

Intuition Versus Data

Why not have both? It’s evermore important to use marketing software to help visualize the status of your business and manage your marketing campaigns.  Venture and Grow’s Marketing Apps are best business and marketing data platforms for and driving sales.  Our marketing apps are custom to your business and is extremely affordable with plans to fit any size budget and industry. It’s a turnkey, fully managed solution. Work with a dedicated Marketing Consultant who is a certified digital marketer. Generate more new sales with the software and services built within the Venture and Grow platform.

Social Media

With the ability to view all your social media activity all in one place, custom to your business and your industry, Venture and Grow delivers the insight on which social media marketing campaigns are working and which marketing efforts need improvements and exactly by how much. Should you discontinue an advertisement or double down? These and more questions can be answered with our newly redesigned custom Venture and Grow’s Social Media marketing App for your business.

Local SEO

There could be hundreds or thousands of new local customers right around corner from your business that larger corporations are grabbing before you even get the chance. Venture and Grow’s Local SEO App gives you the ability to view all your local marketing activity all in one place custom to your business and places you in control of the local distribution points for customers of your business listing, features, locations, contact information, services, products and more! Venture and Grow delivers the insight for improvements.

Online Advertising

Venture and Grow’s Online Adverting App can help you manage your Google, Bing and Social Media ads all in one place; but that’s only the beginning. You want to grow your business fast! Before you begin to spend cash for advertisement, it is our professional recommendation that you get a clear view on all the best places to get more bank for your buck. Venture and Grow Online Advertising App delivers the advertising insight, history, stats and an easy way to manage and create multiple advertising campaigns – all in one place!

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