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9 Marketing Tips to Grow your Real Estate Business.

Involvement in the real estate business can be multi-faceted. It can be from the point of real estate brokerage, property management, real estate investing, home staging, real estate development and more. Whatever the type you are focusing on, if you are to grow your real estate business you will have to be alive to several influencing factors. These include location, type of property, the level of competition in the area, fluctuations in the market or changes in regulations. Also, doing your research, developing a solid business plan and effective management of your real estate business will have you well positioned for profitability. Marketing is part and parcel of effective management.

With that said, here are 9 marketing tips to grow your real estate business;

#1. Optimize your website

Make sure the website for your real estate business is optimized for search engines through SEO (search engine optimization) so that potential clients can easily find your listings online. This involves the use of relevant keywords in your website content and meta descriptions. Also make sure your website is fast, easy to use and mobile-friendly, to increase conversions.

#2. Utilize professional photography and virtual tours

In this age of technological advancements, having high-quality photos of your real estate portfolio is essential. High-quality photos and even virtual tours can showcase the best features of your properties and give potential buyers a realistic view of the property. If you lack the photography skills or have a lot of things on your hands please hire a professional photographer. Consider using virtual tour software and an expert to run it so you can create an immersive experience for viewers.

#3. Use social media

Use social media to promote your real estate properties. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great platforms to showcase your property listings and to engage with potential buyers. Share photos, videos, and descriptions of your properties. Things shouldn’t end with creating content, engage! Respond to comments and messages, promptly, to build a reputation of professionalism. Consider running targeted ads to reach a wider audience. Targeted ads will only be displayed to people who live in the areas your real estate business is targeting. You can also consider using social media influencers, if your budget allows, to market your real estate business if they have been proven to generate leads.

#4. Use email marketing

Make sure to email marketing to stay in touch with potential buyers and promote your listings. Send out regular newsletters with updates on the local market, new properties, and promotional offers to keep your audience engaged and informed.

#5. Create informative content

Share informative content about the local area and the real estate market to establish yourself as an authority on real estate matters. Consider writing blog posts, creating videos, or hosting webinars to provide valuable insights to potential buyers. Other than just the usual real estate topics, the content could range from explaining the origin of the area’s name to landmark events that happened in the area. Anything that you feel could be interesting. This will of course involve a lot of research or interviews but it will all be worth it in translated lead generation. There are always clients out there in search of something a bit more than just an ordinary sale.

#6. Use outbound advertising

Consider using outbound advertising i.e. advertising your real estate business on other websites, radio and television. It can be a great way to reach people who aren’t actively searching for real estate at the moment but will have a mental note to either make a referral to friends and family or also become your future clients. Outbound advertising is a wonderful way to build brand awareness and reach potential patients who may not be aware of your services.

#7. Network with other real estate professionals

Network with other real estate agents, brokers, and industry professionals to expand your reach and build relationships. Attend local events, join professional associations, and collaborate on marketing initiatives to generate more leads. It is from this network that you will eventually get most of your referrals.

#8. Offer incentives and promotions

Consider offering incentives or promotions to attract potential buyers, such as discounted closing costs or free home inspections. These can be effective ways to entice buyers and close deals.

#9. Utilize Google Maps listing

Make a point of being one of the businesses that are usually listed on Google Maps listings. These are the local businesses that are displayed on Google Maps when someone does a near-me search for particular businesses. In this case, a real estate business. To get your business listed on Google Maps, you need to set up a Google Business Profile account and verify your business. Having an up-to-date and accurate Google Business Profile listing will help you get found on Google Maps. Optimizing your Google Business Profile by including photos, descriptions, opening hours and contact details will increase your chances of lead generation. It’s also important to have lots of positive reviews, as this can help you stand out from your competitors and make your business more clickable.

To get a further in-depth prognosis of your business, get in touch with our team of experts at Venture and Grow.

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