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12 Google Search Statistics To Help Grow Your Business

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Data is basically just pieces of information- Simple! Someone walking down a busy street and taking down notes of all they see is collecting data. It may be meaningless or irrelevant but it still qualifies to be data.

Now to what is important,  A marketer is not interested in irrelevant information. A marketer’s interest is only in data that you can use to successfully grow your business, sell products (or services) and get conversions. Just like agencies require relevant information to adequately satisfy existing clients and to win prospective clients.

Data is what you need to grow your audience on any social media platform. Data is what helps you to track and attribute conversions. And, another important attribute of data is that it helps you to better understand the Google search engine: Your PPC and SEO efforts.

General Google Search Statistics

  1. Google index is about 100,000,000 GB large. They indexed hundreds of billions of web pages. (Google)
  2. Up to 35% of product searches begin on Google. (eMarketer)
  3. Every day, 3.5 billion Google searches are made. (Internet Live Stats)
  4. Google’s search volume grows by about 10% every year. (Internet Live Stats)
  5. The average Google search session is under a minute. (Moz)
  6. 90% of searches made on desktops are done on Google. (Statista)
  7. Organic Google results with titles containing 1-2 words do not drive higher CTRs compared to organic results with 3-4 words in the title. (Smart Insights)
  8. Somewhere between 16% and 20% of Google searches are new every year— these have never been searched. (Internet Live Stats)
  9. About 8% of Google search queries are questions. (Moz)
  10. “near me” searches done via desktop and tablets result in store visits are 34%. (HubSpot)
  11.  Search queries on  “__ to avoid” format have increased by 150%. (Google)
  12. See a result of Google search queries by length  below (Rand Fishkin):
  • 1 word: 21.71%
  • 2 words: 23.98%
  • 3 words: 19.60%
  • 4 words: 13.89%
  • 5 words: 8.70%
  • 6+ words: 12.12%

Key Things To Note

Search Engine Marketing Is Crucial

As the volume of search queries fielded by Google grows, the more chances you have to drive traffic to your website through paid and organic results. Every new year brings greater opportunities for search engine marketing

Use Google Shopping

True— Google Shopping is a must. Millions of consumers using Google to actively look for products every day. Get yours in front of them!

Use long keywords/phrases 

Narrower search queries are less competitive—in terms of both the paid and the organic search results. The longer the search queries, the narrower the search queries. That’s why long-tail keywords are crucial to SEM (search engine marketing) success. They drive valuable traffic, and it’s feasible to rank for them.

The popularity of the desktop as a means of surfing the web is decreasing as more than half of the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. For the sake of your marketing campaigns, you have to adapt. Smartphones and desktops are different. The increasing influence of mobile makes earning the top ad spot important.

Mobile Google Search Statistics

3 Interesting Google Search On Mobile Devices Statistics.

  1. In the U.S, Google captures 95% of the mobile search engine market. (Statista)
  2. 60% of searches on Google are done with mobile devices. (Statista)
  3. 65% of clicks on paid Google search results are done on mobile devices. (Statista)

Key point- Mobile Marketing Is a must-have for physical stores

If you own (or advertise) a brick-and-mortar store, you ought to be on mobile.

When a consumer specifically includes “near me” in a search query, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll visit physical stores. Consumers using Google on mobile are searching for solutions close by. Also, a significant spike in interest in stores that are open at the time of searching has greatly increased in recent years.


Although the lessons from these 12 statistics are diverse, one thing is common to them all: Search engine marketing is a sure way to grow your business. We always hear the sentence “meet consumers where they are”, these are true words. If you want to succeed, you have to let them know that you exist and that you have what they want or need. Constantly on a rise as years roll by, consumers are using Google to find solutions to their problems.

You can use PPC or SEO, but using them together will yield even results.

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